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Nap time is golden, kid!

Nap time is golden, kid!

I don’t get it.  I just don’t understand why my kids fight nap time.  Don’t they understand that by the time they are teenagers that they’ll be begging me NOT to wake them up?

The truth is that I love nap time as much or more than they do…when they stop fighting sleep and finally drift off to La La Land.  I cherish nap time because this is “Me Time.”

O.K., don’t think that I finally put my feet up and eat bon bons.  I actually get things done while they are asleep.  As soon as they are in their beds, I began my frantic attempt to get everything done as quickly as possible.  By everything, I mean all the things that are impossible to do with little ones underfoot.  You know…phone calls, emails, shopping lists, ironing, laundry, mopping, and general cleaning up.  When my kids are awake, I am spending most of my time breaking up fights over crayons, changing diapers, or finding something to entertain them so I CAN get something done.

Occasionally, (and I really mean once in a blue moon) I will nap when my kids nap.  This is usually when I am sick or have not slept due to one of my kids getting sick (see earlier post on Haz Mat suit and projectile vomit).

Anyway, I noticed today that my youngest, George, fell asleep in the van.  I had to run a few errands, which interfered with nap time.  When we arrived back at our house, I gingerly picked up a sleeping baby and placed him in his crib.

He slept.

For ten measly minutes.

Then he wailed like a banshee.

What’s up with that?  I know he’s tired.  I know that he needs his usual two hour nap.  For goodness sakes, Mommy needs his two hour nap.  What’s wrong with this kid?  Doesn’t he realize that nap time is golden?  In just five or six years, he’ll be begging me to let him sleep in on Saturday, take a nap on Sunday afternoons and unwilling to wake up before the crack of dawn.  Even my five year old is now a lump in the bed in the early morning hours….unlike last year, when he’d pop up at five o’clock each and every morning.  (No kidding, folks)

I even hear Kindergarten teachers complain about how hard it is to get their class to settle down at nap time.   One friend of mine says it’s the hardest part of her day to get all of her students resting or at least staying still for 30 or 45 minutes on a mat.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Wouldn’t you just love to return to Kindergarten?  I would.  If I could go back, I’d relish nap time.  I’d snuggle down on that mat and cover up with my best flannel blanket.  There’d be no begging me to take a nap.  I’d also gladly wake up to a snack of milk and cookies.  Are you kidding me?  Take me back to the good ol’ days where nap time was mandatory.  I know plenty of adults who’d welcome nap time at work.   I’m all for a little siesta.  Bring it on.

Anyway, I’m letting my youngest whimper a bit in his bed.  I think he needs a good nap.  Napping in the car seat is no nap at all, in my humble opinion.  He’ll thank me for it later.


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Body shapers are miracle workers!

Body shapers are miracle workers!

O.K., O.K., O.K….several of my friends have emailed me regarding my favorite things, numbers one through five.  I’m officially off “my high horse” for a little while on this blog and back on to the fun stuff.  Here’s the continuation of the list of my most favorite things.

#6  Body Shapers!!!!! – Spanx and Assets by Sara Blakeley.

I cannot say enough about these two “body shapers.”  Let’s just call them for what they are….”suck you in & smooth you out panties.”  Only, they are really a cross between panty hose (with the legs chopped off) and underwear.  I really like the high waisted ones that nearly reach up to under your bra.  I can wear a smaller sized mid-rise jean with these on and there is absolutely no “muffin top.”  Sara Blakeley is the genius who created Spanx, which is sold at department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s.  I, however, can get her Target brand bodyshaper, Assets, when I’m running through Target picking up soap, Lysol, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure.  Now that’s convenient.  The Assets bodyshaper is just as great as Spanx!

iPod shuffle - cute little contraption

iPod shuffle - cute little contraption

# 7  Ipod Shuffle  – Oh, how I love my little shuffle.  No, I didn’t want the big honkin’ Nano or some big ol’ thing strapped to my arm while I worked out.  Yes, the shuffle was just right for me.  It’s great.  I can load something like 500 songs on this little contraption.  Initially, I wanted it for working out at the gym.  Now, I find myself using it when I have to take my bi-monthly mammoth grocery shopping trip to Walmart or to load up on vast amounts of toliet paper at Costco.  Listening to the Kings of Leon or Muse makes doing the mundane so much more pleasant.  Plus, I can stick the cords underneath my shirt or jacket and place the teensy little shuffle in my pocket.  No one is the wiser.  I love it!!!!!!!!

Find a farmers market!

Find a farmer's market!

# 8  The Farmers’ Market

I know it sounds hokey, but there is nothing better than getting up early on a Saturday morning and heading out to the Farmer’s Market.  I am very blessed to have an awesome Farmer’s Market in downtown Memphis.  You can find beautiful heirloom tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables, jams & jellies, fresh fruit, homemade soaps, and farm fresh cheeses.  I especially love the different varieties of cut flowers for sale for ten to twenty cents a stem.  Sunflowers, purple coneflower, black-eyed susans, Queen Anne’s lace and zinnias in every hue are available for the choosing.  While strolling down the open air aisles, you’ll always hear some kind of music, like bluegrass or celtic.  You can find local bistros showing off their newest vegan or vegetarian dishes or even taste some local organic wines.  Sometimes there are cooking classes or impromptu kid’s activities going on.  I remember that Will participated in a “watermelon roll” last year with a big group of preschoolers.  The prize was an enormous watermelon for the child that made it down the hill first with his or her watermelon intact.  Alas, Will didn’t win…he came in second, but fun was had by all.  I just don’t think there is anything more exciting than coming home from an early morning run down to the Farmer’s Market with a car full of flowers, fragrant lavender soaps, tomatoes, blueberries, green beans, lettuce, and fresh goat cheese.

#9  Vitamin E Oil

I think vitamin E oil is soooo much better than plain ol’ baby oil.  It sinks into your skin much quicker than baby oil and I use it to shave my legs.  My skin always feels so much softer.  I’ve even used it on my babies when they’ve been a little dry.  I’ve mixed it in with some baby lotion (California baby lotion – lavender) to soothe parched skin.  I have several minor scars that have responded quite nicely to vitamin E oil.  My dermatologist says it’s the bomb (not in so many words, but you get the gist).

A guilty pleasure

A guilty pleasure

It doesnt hurt to read for fun...and get a little knowledge, too

It doesn't hurt to read for fun...and get a little knowledge, too

#10  A good book you read for fun!

Whether your obsession is Stephen King, Tom Wolfe, Emily Giffin, Stephenie Meyer, Janet Evanovich, or Nora Roberts….read!  I think reading is a great thing to do.  I’ve spent much of my adult life in school…college, then graduate school, then law school.  For much of that time, I read for knowledge and definitely not for fun.  I am learning to fall in love with reading again.  There is nothing more enjoyable than getting into a good book and immersing myself in the story.  I’ve really enjoyed the Twilight series.  I’ve even read through the books twice!  Even my Guilty Pleasures Book Club has chosen Twilight by Stephenie Meyer as their pick for January.  So fun!!!!  I have taken one of the more voluminous books in the series to the gym and read while on the elliptical machine. One day I had read for an hour on that bad boy and got a major workout.

I also think if you can read for fun and get something educational out of it, that’s even better.  I just read Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  The book is hilariously written, but very eye-opening regarding the meat industry and a vegan lifestyle.  I’m a vegetarian and have played with the idea of going all the way into being vegan…we’ll see.  I do have to say that I needed some of their “tough love” when it came to nutrition.  It all made sense…at least, for me. Anyway, I’m all for reading for educational & spiritual purposes, but I do think that sometimes a good book should just entertain.

Well, there it is…..my raves for my faves…numbers 6 through 10.  Enjoy!!!!!

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